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Latex table package

If you don't need to control the width of each cell, but of the entire table and then distribute the space within evenly, use the package tabularx. See the example. booktabs supports professional looking tables; better vertical spacing; better rules; The xcolor package with the table option provides alternating table row. This package provides a table environment called tabularx, which is similar to the tabular* environment except that it has a. Dec 12,  · The color package. The color package brings colors to LaTeX. Colors are not part of TeX and are brought instead by drivers (PDFTeX, LuaTeX, VTeX, etc.). The color package provides driver-independant commands and therefore makes it easy to add colors to your document. The color package implements eight colors. Professional and clean tables with LaTeX. 6. February by tom 8 Comments. Multi-row cells require the multirow package. 6. Large tables. Ideally, a table fits on a single page. If that’s not possible for some reason, here are a few suggestions that might help. Several suggestions may be combined. Which tabular packages do which tasks and which packages conflict? Ask Question Asked 8 years, 7 months ago. The xcolor package with the table option provides alternating table row colors to extend it. It is a reimplementation of standard LaTeX tabular and array environments which provides better vertical spacing;.
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