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What does a vagina feel like

What does a vagina feel like?” This is a question I recently posed to men of all creeds and ages on Toyboy Warehouse, a cougar dating site I've. If you're comfortable, place your finger inside your vagina and feel along the vaginal wall. You may notice it feels a little like the roof of your. It's weird to describe, because without sex my vagina definitely doesn't feel empty , but during sex fullness is the main sensation. It just feels like. Feb 25,  · Best Answer: Hey, it's normal to wonder what things feel like with the rush of hormones and the like. I asked my boyfriend what a vagina feels like on the inside to him and he said "wet, slippery Followers: 9. Dec 12,  · It feels like very warm, very soft skin covered in mucous which, when aroused, is basically what it is. There is also the added benefit of it being a muscle that one can strengthen by doing Kegel exercises. The best part about a vagina? May 04,  · Oh sure, they all have that slippery/warm/moist feel, but some are more "ridgey", some are more velvet, some are tighter, some more open, and some lubricate better than others. From behind, it's tighter, and you can feel your cock glide over a "ridge" at the front of the vagina that feels fucking awesome for both genders.
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