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Asian staple foods

Asian cuisine includes several major regional cuisines: Central Asian, East Asian , North Asian, Examples of staple foods include rice, noodles, mung beans, soybeans, seafood (Japan has the highest per capita consumption of seafood). Note: this list doesn't cover ingredients for Indian cooking; for that, check out our Did we miss any of your favorite Asian cooking staples?. Before you can create better-than-takeout Asian dishes, you're going to need to stock up on some Asian food staples. Filling your pantry with. On this page we list some basic Chinese Food Ingredients, which should be present in your Chinese shelf and are used to prepare some of the most common Chinese Food Recipes.. Most can be obtained at your local supermarket, look in the Asian or Ethnic Supplies section. Others like the Chinese fresh vegetables can be found at the local Asian Grocer. Jun 07,  · According to the FAO, maize, rice, and wheat combine to provide more than half of global caloric intake. In South Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar, low income people may derive 90% or more of their calories from rice. Staple foods are those that constitute the majority of a Author: Amber Pariona. Jul 31,  · Chinese name: 米饭 (mǐ fàn) Rice is the commonest staple food on the dining table in most areas of China. A bowl of Chinese whiter rice can go with all sorts of dishes, supplying almost all of the nutrition that human body needs.
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