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  • 29.04.2010
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Bird sleeping on bottom of cage

Has anyone else had a bird that slept on the bottom of the cage? Is it something she might grow out of maybe?? Like i said, its nothing worrying. This isn't entirely new behavior. Tonight for about the 3rd time not in a row, I found Kirby sleeping in the bottom of his cage, on foot up. Usually. Sleeping Too Much A change in your bird's sleeping habits can indicate illness, especially if the Sometimes an ill bird will crouch on the bottom of the cage. Dec 07,  · When your canary is sick or hurt, he doesn't want to play. Instead of hanging out on his perch, he'll sit on the floor of the cage in a corner, turned away from other birds. Your sick canary will be listless and may sleep a lot more than usual. Feb 16,  · Bird sleeping at bottom of cage. She does not make any noise at night and does not eat at night. I do cover her with a sheet yet I leave one side completely open and a good ventilation on the bottom of all sides. The apartment is pretty cold at night about 70 degrees since the house is usually at during the day. Mar 07,  · Hi, my budgie is sitting on the bottom of his cage, Stop right away with the sulfur and take the stuff out of his drinking water. Wash and scald the dish and refill it with only plain, fresh water. That over counter junk is a waste of your money and his time. No matter what a pet store .
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