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  • 21.05.2010
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Small penis humiliation fetish

Small penis humiliation is a real fetish enjoyed by men (many straight!). Let me start by saying that you do not need to have a small penis to enjoy small penis humiliation (SPH) as a fetish. In my experience, the. That's because he's into small penis humiliation, or SPH, meaning he gets A few key, humiliating words send him deep into his fetish: "She. S.P.H. (Small Penis Humiliation) Cocktail Weenies in a Kielbasa World. The status-quo stereotype is that men are about big, powerful, awe-inspiring stuff; big trucks, powerful football plays, and awe-inspiring bombs. And that pretty much is the case besides for some high-hippies, basement-dwellers, and vegans. May 20,  · That said, having experienced small penis humiliation for myself, I can understand why some women may not like the idea. Beyond that, though, I’ve seen that like many sexual fantasies, small penis humiliation is a pretty harmless pleasure for consenting adults. If you want to give it a try, maybe start with this charming "Small Penis" T-shirt!Author: Sophie Lizard. Fetish small penis humiliation stories. Handjob for Small Penis. fetish escalus "Zoe didn't believe me when I told her how small your dick is," says Carla. I don't know who this Pete is, but looking at Zoe, her lovely soft, creamy thighs, her warm, gentle face, her curves beneath the tight dress, I think he must be the luckiest.
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