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Dick tracy quotes

Dick Tracy Quotes. Big Boy Caprice: You're dirty, Lips. You need a bath. Lips Manlis: No, not the bath, Big Boy! Not the Bath! Dick Tracy: Tess. Al Pacino is a comedic if overblown standout as Big Boy Caprice, and Madonna simply smolders as aggressive blonde bombshell Breathless Mahoney. Big Boy Caprice: I want Dick Tracy dead!. Dick Tracy is a film about the Dick Tracy comic strip character created by Chester Gould. Directed by Warren Beatty. Written by Jim Cash and Joe Epps Jr. Quotations. Breathless Mahoney: I’m wearing black underwear. Dick Tracy: You know, it’s legal for me to take you down to the station and sweat it out of you under the light. Breathless Mahoney: I sweat a lot better in the dark. Big Boy Caprice: All right, that’s enough. I want this . Flattop Quotes in Dick Tracy () Big Boy Caprice: You know, Dick - You mind if I call you "Dick"? My associates here would very much like to see you have a little accident. But I tell 'em, "No. Dick Tracy: [dryly] And that you are guilty of attempting to bribe an officer of the law. [Tracy throws all the money back in Big Boy's face. The Kid smiles, realizing Tracy never meant to take the bribe money. The thugs grab hold of Tracy].
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