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  • 23.02.2010
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Genital warts and condoms

Study Design We conducted a literature review and meta-analysis of the effect of condom use on the prevention of genital warts, subclinical HPV infection. Condom use may reduce the risk for HPV infection and HPV-associated diseases (e.g., genital warts. Sex Transm Dis. Nov;29(11) Do condoms prevent genital HPV infection, external genital warts, or cervical neoplasia? A meta-analysis. Manhart . Human papillomavirus is extremely contagious, and it is responsible for the majority of sexually transmitted diseases in men and women. Genital warts can vary from one to more; these are painless outgrowths at the surface of male and female reproductive parts. Sometimes genital warts may cause itching, pain, and discomfort. Nov 03,  · To help prevent genital warts, use a condom. If you don't have HPV, but your sexual partner does, or if you have a new sexual partner and aren't sure, using a condom . Dear Horny in Chicago, No condoms are currently available that cover the scrotum in addition to the shaft of the penis. Plus, the presence of genital warts is not limited to these areas — besides the vulva, vagina, and cervix of women, they can also be found in and around the anus and the inner thigh/groin region of men and women.
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