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Asian fonts windows xp

This is required to view most Web pages and documents written in Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) in XP. Windows XP includes five Chinese fonts and . Chinese language fonts available in US Windows XP, with example images, plus some advice on which to use and what you might want to add. I want install Chinese characters on my Windows XP PC. I would to read and write text in Chinese for which I need to have Chinese font in my. Most computers have Japanese fonts as East Asian Languages Pack already prepared on their hard disk, especially Windows XP pre-installed models. If East Asian Languages Pack is not prepared on the hard disk then you need Windows XP System disk. Whether the Language Pack is prepared on the hard disk or not depends on your computer's manufacturer. East Asian Languages Pack contains Chinese, . Feb 15,  · i just got a new windows xp computer, and i need to install korean, japanese, chinese, ect. on it right now all that shows up is???? or funny letters on my last computer, i installed it without the cd-rom that it asks when i go to control panel, but i dont remember exactly how.. does anyone else know how i can install asian fonts without the windows xp cd-rom?Status: Open. After setting up a Virtual PC with Windows XP, if Chinese font is needed, then the usual way is to go to the Control Panel, select "Regional and Language" and go to the second tab and check the box "Install Files for East Asian Languages". After clicking OK, it asks for the file.
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