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  • 28.02.2010
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Was jesus naked on the cross

Again and again we have heard and read that Jesus was naked when He hung on crucifixion state that the victim was naked as he was hanging on the cross. You have said that Christ was crucified naked on the cross because it was the Roman way of executing condemned prisoners. Realize that in. Most paintings of the crucified Jesus show Him wearing a loincloth, but was this The condemned man would then be nailed to the cross bar. Obscenity and Humiliation. Rather, the message of salvation through faith in a crucified Savior was deemed “foolishness” and a “stumbling-block” because the cross was itself the embodiment and emblem of the most hideous of human obscenities. The cross was a symbol of reproach, degradation, humiliation, and disgust. It was aesthetically sexinbelgium.info: Sam Storms. The Jews were very scandalized by the sign put on the Cross “Jesus, King of the Jews.” Yet when the Jews specifically went back to Pilate with the demand it be reworded, the Romans refused to change it or take it down even though that was probably more offensive to the Jews than the nakedness of a convicted criminal. He was naked on the cross - that was part of the shame of crucifixion. As J. Vernon McGee (Thru the Bible) says: He was crucified naked. It is difficult for us in this age of nudity and pornography to comprehend the great humiliation He suffered by hanging nude on the cross. They had taken His garments and gambled for ownership.
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