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  • 13.06.2010
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Youtube asian rant

As Raymond "Benzino" Scott was being transported to the DeKalb County Jail, he peppered the arresting officer with offensive and profane racial slurs. This is an edited video that includes the profanity and slurs that Scott used during that confrontation. This video contains the best asian drama but instead of being 20 hours long, its like a couple minutes. yay. No that wasn't a real language. Part sexinbelgium.info Part 8: sexinbelgium.info Part 1: sexinbelgium.info China Mac spoke. Mar 17,  · please comment and subscribe. Asians in the Library UCLA Girl Alexandra Wallace gets Death Threats, Asian Godfather responds. Sep 30,  · Today I rant to your guys about how the earth is flat. Wait correction, how the earth is NOT flat because ITS FUCKING NOT MY GOD- Now, I . Nov 28,  · Thank you for watching! c: Choker I'm wearing: sexinbelgium.info Colorism in Asia & White skin promotion: Colorism in Kpop: Edward Avi.
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