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Morning sex positions

Try one of these hot morning sex positions next time you want to start your day with a bang. Few things feel as coupley as waking up in bed all sleepy-eyed and cuddly with your significant other. Next weekend, instead of leaping out of. Mornings are tough. Sex makes them easier. Before you @ me, skeptics, I hear you. I, too, love sleep; it's one of my favorite pastimes (and. The 5 Best Morning Sex Positions To Start Your Day Off With A BANG. Not only will you be smiling all day, there are actually a TON of health benefits associated with morning sex. So what are Author: Samantha Escobar. Apr 30,  · Getting into this position is simple, but feel free to mix things up according to your comfort and what feels good for you. Morning Sex for the Win. Morning can be a great time to connect with a partner. So, rather than hit snooze, snuggle in with your bed Author: Kinkly Staff. Make good use of his ‘morning glory’ and try out these morning sex positions before breakfast for a terrific start to the day! Did you know that your man experiences a series of erections during his sleep throughout the night? In fact, a healthy man usually has on average of them; each one.
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